Thanks Everyone!

I'd like to thank everyone has has helped Fishy Steve grow over the years. Things are going great and getting better all the time. Cheers for all your support!

It was awesome to see the Taupo Fishery in great health over the summer. Some fantastic fishing was had by both the boat fisherman, as well as the fly fisherman up the rivers. The amount of smelt in the lake was the best it's been in years. The fish that have already entered the river for spawning have been in great condition and have often been a mission to land. I know many of anglers that have been left scratching their head (including me) after being smoked by what seems to be freight trains on the other end.

We have had very little rain over the last few months and the rivers are low and clear, but the fish have still been sneaking in. Time to get stealth with indicators, tippet and fly selection. The next few months have been when the bigger runs of the Taupo Fishery have been taking place the last few years, so we should have some great fishing ahead.

Get in contact if your keen and get a day or two booked as the diary is filling up quickly!

Thanks again!

Fishy Steve