How Steve became Fishy Steve

When Steve first moved down to New Zealand at the end of 2002 he wanted to continue guiding as he had done in the states. He realized he had a lot of work to do learning the rivers of the Taupo region. Work for Steve meant fishing!

Fishing, fishing, fishing, 7 days a week, form dawn to dusk. After a hard days fishing Steve liked to stop by the local pub (Jolly Good Fellows on the lake front) for a beer.

The local bar tenders (Da and Scotty) would ask Steve what he had been doing that day and each day it was the same. Fishing of course!

Amazed at his dedication and passion for fishing Da and Scotty nick named him Fishy Steve with a PHD in fish. Since this time the name has stuck. Now known locally and internationally as Fishy Steve, the name has proven to be a descriptive and memorable name.